Falmouth - The Historic City

Falmouth is the capital of the parish of Trelawny and is noted as being the island’s best preserved Georgian town with buildings from the nineteenth century.

The town was founded by a gentleman by the name of Thomas Reid in 1769 and became important during a time when Jamaica was the world’s sugar producer, Falmouth was one of the first shipping ports in Jamaica and shipped sugar, molasses, rum and coffee bound for England.

Falmouth was very well planned from the start, with wide streets on a grid and, it is said, that the town had piped water before New York City.

Usain Bolt was born in Falmouth and those who follow Jamaican politics and history will know that one of Jamaica’s prime ministers also came from Falmouth Hugh Shearer.

Cruise ship passengers get off the ship and can, in a very short time, find themselves walking in the heart of the town of Falmouth. Some may decide to take a taxi to a beach, only ten minutes away, or to Montego Bay, thirty minutes by car.

Those interested in history may want to take a guided walking tour of the town and visit some of the finely restored buildings, such as the Court House.

You can also take the tour in a buggy drawn by a horse.

Other places of interest include Greenwood Great House, which was once owned by the family Barrett, father of the poet Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. The Great House now houses a museum of musical instruments along with the original house furnishings. Some may want to visit Appleton Estate and learn how rum is made.

Glistening Waters Inn and Marina, depending on when you arrive or how long you are staying, if you have a chance to take a boat ride at night on the lagoon near this Inn, you will be in for a surprise, as the water lights up and glows with phosphorescent creatures living in the water. Food served at the Inn is mostly seafood.

Good Hope Great House also has a beach, which is twenty-five minutes away from the Great House, other activities offered are river tubing, carriage rides, zip lining, dune buggies and tours of the 2 000 acre citrus and coconut plantation.

For those who want to take it easy and float down a river on a bamboo raft you can go rafting on the Martha Brae river and enjoy the beauty of Jamaica.

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