Negril - The Capital of Casual

Negril did not develop into a vacation resort location until the later half of the 20th century, primarily because accessibility to the region proved complicated seeing that ferry boats were necessary to be able to deliver visitors in Negril Bay, making them to walk in the water for the short rip to the shoreline. Most travelers would lease rooms inside of the residences of Jamaican people, or perhaps would pitch tents inside their yards.

Daniel Connell became the very first individual to produce more conventional holiday places to stay for these “flower children” as they were known when he established the first guest house in Negril Jamaica at Palm Grove. The area’s standing grew over time and the first of many major resorts had been constructed in the middle to late 1960’s. The first hotel around Negril was the Yacht Club by Mary’s Bay located on the West End.

Negril is known as the “heart beat” of western Jamaica and is a most see for tourist who mostly visit Ricks Café established on Negril’s cliff side in 1974 and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville established on Negril’s beach in 1996.

The Road to Negril

Not until 1959 was a road cut to Negril, launching the development of what was then a tiny fishing village. Electricity and telephones would not arrive until later. The sleepy beach front community quickly became a well-known vacation destination for Jamaicans. At around the same time, hippies and backpackers from abroad began to appear. These people boarded with locals or camped in tents on the beaches, smoked marijuana and ate psychedelic mushrooms while cementing the attitude and laid-back lifetyle that has become Negril.

Beginning in the 1970’s, more and more hotels, holiday cottages and major resorts were built, and the town had exploded in popularity among tourists of all types. A road had then been built between Negril and Montego Bay, and also a local airport was also built, making for easier access to this otherwise out of the way vacation spot.

Once the road which traveled from Montego Bay to Negril was developed in the earlier ’70s, it facilitated a boost in Negril’s stature as being the hot new vacation resort area. The road was a two-lane highway made of pavement that was laid approximately one hundred yards (91 m) inland from the white sandy beaches at the southern end of this small fishing community.

The long road through the community happened to run through Green Island which is also where a great number of the local workers from Negril actually live, and was also straight enough to be able to be used as a landing strip for small aircraft, which was the primary reason why one could find strips of rail tracks standing up on the edge of the road which were placed there in order to dissuade smugglers from landing on the road to pick up the pletiful loads of ganja.

After the infrastructure had been expanded in anticipation of the growth of vacation resorts in Negril as well as an expanding population, a small airport, the Negril Aerodrome, had been built in 1976 near Rutland Point, together with several small hotels mostly serving the North American winter travelers. Many Europeans also came to Negril, and several hotels were designed to appeal directly to those visitors.

Negril one of Jamaica’s most popular tourist destinations is a prime example of the islands diverse geography and is located on its farthest western tip. Many of Negril’s visitors stay on its beach which is one of Jamaica’s most beautiful in one of the many hotels spread out along miles of its amazing white sand that faces a calm jade-blue coloured sea.

Visitors intrigued by the size of Negril’s beach are inspired to spend their days exploring its shores which feature a variety of restaurants, bars and grills where they mingle with locals and other visitors while falling in love with the natural environment.
The other side of Negril’s story is the cliff side or “west end” featuring rock cliffs stretching about 5 miles and passed as high as 35ft above sea level. Negril’s west end is home to many small hotels situated along the cliff edge.
These west end hotels are very tranquil, low key and have a special appeal to visitors that just want to get away from all the activities on the beach.

The various hotels each sit on their own space of rock with a private cliff where guests often jump off into the inviting sea below or just lounge and relax while viewing the deep royal blue water stretching out for miles.

Negril is known as the “heart beat” of western Jamaica and is a most see for tourist who mostly visit Ricks Café established on Negril’s cliff side in 1974 and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville established on Negril’s beach in 1996

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